Ways to increase capacity at home

Potential loss is a serious problem for a man and his partner. Sexual dysfunction can lead to depression and low self-esteem, loss of joy in life, and damage to all organs and body systems that manifest themselves in various diseases.

women and men who increase strength

It is best to choose treatment methods for such a situation with the help of a specialist, because it is safer and more effective. However, most men want to restore the body's function on their own, using old recipes. So let's see how we can increase our potential with folk remedies at home.

Why power is reduced

Today, most men with erectile dysfunction, low libido and sperm quality experience it after the age of 40, at a slightly younger age. Experts name the most common factors in capacity reduction:

  • improper lifestyle, including inactivity, smoking and alcohol, unbalanced diet;
  • psychological conditions, such as stress and overwork, depression, self-doubt;
  • harmful and noxious working conditions, excessive stress on the body;
  • acute and chronic diseases, as well as taking certain medications.

Traditional healers can offer many options to increase potential at home. The most commonly used tools are:

  • decoctions and teas;
  • tinctures on alcohol, vodka, oil, water;
  • is added as food to the daily diet.

Choosing a remedy to restore a good erection and libido is best done with a specialist after the examination. This will allow you to find out the cause of the disorder in a timely manner, eliminate it if possible, and take the necessary measures to restore health. Self-medication can lead to aggravation and worsening of a person's condition, irreversible changes in the tissues that threaten weakness and infertility.


Among the folk recipes on how to increase the potential at home, there are always foods in the first place. They are also called aphrodisiacs and are recommended to be included in the diet to prevent various health problems.

foods to increase strength

Among the most common, nutritionists and traditional healers emphasize the following:

  1. Mussels, seaweed, low-fat sea fish and all other seafood. These include many selenium, zinc and other minerals, amino acids and vitamins that a person needs for a good erection, desire for intimacy and high quality sex.
  2. Beekeeping products. Honey, propolis, royal jelly, bee bread - all of these, if used properly, can quickly lift the tone and increase strength at home. In addition, these funds increase endurance, normalize immunity, libido, fertility, blood circulation and metabolic processes. Just remember that bee products are strong allergens. They must be applied very carefully.
  3. Dairy products. In kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, cream, milk, many useful substances. They are necessary not only for strength, but also for the health of the whole organism: the work of the cardiovascular, nervous, genitourinary, immune, endocrine systems. It is advisable to include these foods in your unprocessed daily diet.
  4. Onions and garlic. These products have a strong positive effect on the entire male body, strengthen the immune system, normalize the functioning of all organs and systems. One or two cloves of garlic a day and a small crumb is enough to become healthier and stronger.
  5. Animal products, including lean meat, chicken and quail eggs. This type of food should be in the diet of a real man every day, because it provides not only satiety and energy, but also many nutrients needed for health and strength.
  6. Fresh herbs, greens, vegetables, fruits, berries. These products contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, sugars, amino acids and other easily absorbed substances and help restore potential and the desire for intimacy.
  7. Hazelnuts and dried fruits. These products help to quickly increase men's strength at home, restore energy and strength, improve health and mood due to the rich nutritional content.

For maximum benefit, try to eat small meals 4-5 times a day. Abstain completely from alcohol, soda, fast food, sausages and smoked meats, reduce the consumption of muffins, sweets, fatty and fried, salty foods. Eliminate all foods that contain harmful additives: preservatives, dyes, flavors.

How to increase potential by using herbs at home

Of course, traditional doctors recommend the use of herbs to increase the strength of men at home quickly and for a long time.

herbs to increase strength

The most powerful and effective of these:

  1. Parsley, dill and celery. Both as part of various dishes, and independently used fresh and tinctures. The leaves, rhizomes and seeds are used to prepare medicines for potency.
  2. Ginseng. It is possible to increase the potential at any age in men with folk remedies that combine this plant. Ginseng tinctures can boost and boost immunity, while also solving many men's problems.
  3. Mint and lemon balm. These plants are used as tea and tea. It has a calming effect and is especially good when stress, unpleasant atmosphere at home and psychological problems cause a decrease in potential.
  4. St. John's wort, parsley, hops, rosa radiola, thyme, hawthorn, clover, nettle, willow and other herbs. Such herbs as tincture or decoction help to improve blood circulation, eliminate stagnant processes in the small pelvis, which often leads to potential disorders. Such folk recipes are especially useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and suffer from hormonal and cardiovascular disorders.
  5. Green and black tea. It seems that these products are on our table every day. But not only their correct choice (tea should be of high quality and unadulterated), but also when consumed in small quantities (no more than 4-5 cups a day), this product will have a positive effect on the potential. Natural coffee is also useful, but you can drink more than 1-2 cups a day, unless otherwise indicated.
  6. Rhizomes of ginger and calamus. Like ginseng, these plants also have a tonic and restorative effect on men's health, normalize blood circulation and metabolic processes, stimulate an increase in libido, increase sensitivity during sexual intercourse and improve sperm quality and quantity.

Remember, herbs can have a strong effect on the male body, the strength of which can be compared with the use of serious drugs. At the same time, many prescriptions have a positive effect only a few weeks after regular use of the drug.

And in case of significant impairment of potential, herbal decoctions, teas and tinctures are best used only as part of a complex therapy.

Other folk ways to increase potential

If you are wondering how to increase your potential at home, watch videos with folk recipes on the Internet, but remember not to rely on your assumptions about the causes of disorders and how to treat them, but rather a doctor.

Exercises with dumbbells to increase potential

Especially if the potential decrease is accompanied by other disturbing symptoms: pain in the genitals, rashes and sores, problems with urination and ejaculation.

Traditional healers recommend using not only herbs but also animal products to restore potency. For example, deer antler extract, beaver flow, badger oil are very popular for long-lasting and long-lasting erections, increase libido and productivity.

In addition, there are other ways to increase male potency at home:

  1. Contrast showers and other hardening procedures. Properly implemented, these methods will normalize blood circulation and eliminate stagnant processes, give strength and good mood, increase endurance and strengthen immunity.
  2. Special physical exercises. This measure also aims to improve overall health, including improving metabolism and blood circulation.

Sometimes the decrease in potency is caused by irregular sex, lack of previous interest in a partner, or frequent changes in women in a man's life. In this case, sex life should be normalized as soon as possible, after which the man's strength will be restored in a few days or weeks.

The result

Remember that only an integrated approach to solving the problem will help to increase the potential at home using folk methods. A habitual lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, bad habits - all this will quickly reduce the result from the use of old recipes to zero.

However, regular use of the chosen drug, if properly selected and applied, will help to achieve good results to improve men's health.